General Brokerage Agency has been in the Insurance Industry for 30 years. We focus on agents who make a living selling Final Expense every week. Over the years, we have licensed thousands of agents.

Last year, GBA launched what we believe to be the wave of the future in Final Expense. GBA’s Call Center now gives us what we have always wanted: MORE PRODUCTION FROM FAR FEWER AGENTS

GBA’s Call Center has been extremely successful in setting the table for quality agents with fully-qualified appointments. With our Call Center, agents never need to make another phone call! This allows you to double your production and double your income while working only 3 days a week. Truly a WIN/WIN for both of us.

In addition to our Call Center Program, GBA’s traditional Final Expense Program still offers Free Leads and flexibility. This is available to agents who excel in booking their own appointments or are in areas with a smaller population or where there is no opening in our Call Center Program.

Call Center Map

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