Who have worked with A.I.L., Foresters, Senior Life, Lincoln Heritage and similar Final Expense life insurance companies:

Only see people who have a need and are able to buy and ready to buy. Only talk to people who want you to call. Only work with fresh leads each week, all with 100% accurate phone numbers! Stop spinning your wheels with door-knocking, cold calling and back-door prospecting. Start Selling!

If you have sold Simplified Issue Life Insurance then you know what you need to make money: plenty of good leads, a great system and hard work. GBA can help with the first two.

What GBA Does For You:

General Brokerage Agency has been in the Insurance Industry for 30 years. We focus on agents who make a living selling Final Expense every week. We provide exactly what you need to consistently make very good money selling Simplified Issue Life Insurance to seniors or to families.

Every week we give our agents 50 NEW LEADS.

All leads are people who expressed an interest in funeral expense coverage in the past week and contain their name, phone number and date of birth. These are not door-knockers.

Your job is to qualify your prospect over the phone. There’s no point in wasting your time and gas on someone who is not ready, willing and able to do business the next day.

You only need to go out twice per week to pick up applications from qualified buyers. No empty promises, no meetings and no nonsense. We’ll do our part and leave you alone to do yours. Look through our site before you contact us for more details.

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